Brand: Regenefi

Aromatherapy meets CBD to create a spa-like bath experience in your own home. What can you expect from our CBD bath bomb? Luxury. Relieve your pain and unwind your mind; the CBD oil inside the bath bomb provides direct relief from any aches/pains, while the essential oils work to enhance your mood and restore energy levels. Think total relaxation, mind and body. Can you feel the stress melting away yet?


Product Description

With 9 scents to choose from, there is a bath bomb for every mood. Each CBD bath bomb is 4 oz and contains 100 mg of pure CBD isolate.

CBD bath bombs are exceptional when used for pain relief as well as relaxation and hydration. Our bath bombs contain hydrating sweet almond oil as well as epsom salt, himalayan pink salt, and CBD isolate for muscle relaxation and pain relief.

REGENEFI Bath Bomb – Potency

Suggested Use: Prepare bathtub to temperature of your liking. Get in tub. Drop bath bomb in water and let fully dissolve. Enjoy.

Ingredients: Baking soda, epsom salt, citric acid, corn starch, sweet almond oil, bergamot essential oil, lemon essential oil, carrot seed oil, 99.5%+ pure CBD isolate, natural color.

To learn more about what make Regenefi a brand you can trust, or speak with a member of our staff, get in touch with Regenefi today. We can be reached by phone at 917-768-3043 or via email by visiting our secured contact page.